Welcome Autumn


In New England, autumn began announcing his impending arrival, a couple of weeks ago; almost as if Labor Day was actually the fall equinox.


The first sign of fall were a few brightly colored leaves, which while beautiful, serve to remind me that the glorious hot days of summer were beginning to wane and it was time to think about apple picking, pumpkin patches, and the start of “The Holiday Season!”


I know that when I first debuted my Fall Village, I proclaimed it would not grow; it seems that has proven to be untrue – I would like to blame the Goodwill, but they cannot bear all of the responsibility.


In my new efforts to embrace New England, while in no way turning my back on the Sunshine State, I have started to take a second look at all things Americana, which means that when I ran into a miniature General George Washington, leading the troops, at one of our National Parks, I decided they should come home, as I felt I already had the barracks to house them, in the Fall Village.


I love him and the other additions, which are thanks to the Goodwill, that have been made to this tiny world, which has been moved from the office to the living room, which befits our first president!


I hope your first day of fall is marked with rustling leaves and the expectation of happy children dressed up in colorful costumes, a roasted turkey with all of the trimmings, and lots of hot chocolate – a happy fall to you!



Kate’s Favorite Addition to the Village, the Turkey at the Water pump


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