The ThatIsAllForNow Family Photo Album Part II

Our first ThatIsAllForNow Family Photo Album is bulging!   We are adding a second Album, which like the first, is dedicated to offering our readers a look at the people mentioned on these pages – enjoy!



Enoch and Kate climbing up a hill, in order to slide down it — Maine



Annaka, the fearless, blowing bubbles, Maine – photograph taken by Kate



Lia in Fort Myers, standing with statue of Henry Ford, under his Banyan tree



Lia and Kate in the Key’s as we await the sunset



Lia at Biscayne Bay



Lia at the beach, in Fort Lauderdale



Adriana and Marcial, Fairchild Garden, Miami, Florida



Lia, Adriana, Kate, and Marcial



Kate, Marcial, Lia, me, and Adriana, in Miami



Kate enjoying a break at Vicky’s



Annaka and Thaddaeus getting ready to celebrate their birthday at the Birthday House!



Enoch, their brother, is now ready for his cake!



Thaddaeus and Annaka



Thaddaeus, Enoch, and Annaka



Annaka, me, and Thaddaeus, with the first cake that Annaka has baked and decorated!



Kate at the Museum of Fine Art, in Boston



Christine capturing the sunrise at York Beach, Maine



This sunrise!



On to Nubble Light House



Christine at the Museum of Fine Art, Boston



A respite while touring the Currier Museum of Art, in Manchester, New Hampshire



Kate and Christine at Zimmerman House



When in Maine, one must see Portland Headlight!



Getting read to go Christmas caroling!



First day in Boston, we picked her up, at the airport, and she was ready to go!




Me holding Master Isaac



Kate and Miss Lucy



Family enjoying a swim, around Easter



Swimming with Miss Lucy!



Celebrating Caroline’s Birthday, at the Birthday House!



Celebrating Doug’s birthday, at the Birthday House!



Our selfie on January 17, 2017; on our way to Union Oyster House



In New Jersey, Kate has a better selfie technique



On Lindette’s too short visit to Maine



Kate August 1972



Kate in August of 1969



Kate in February of 1969 

Kate and Laurie



Kate and Laurie, May 1970


Kate fast asleep



Laurie and Kate


Laurie and Kate



Kate, Adriana, and Marcial, in Miami



My first picture of my great-nephew Isaac



Lucy Meeting her little brother, Isaac



Could she be any sweeter?  I do not think so!



Joy blowing out her candles, at the Birthday House!



Family gathered to celebrate Joy’s birthday — Lucy has seen Hugo, and is going in!



Kate determined to light those candles



Christmas 2017 — The Gregan’s and Dieterle’s



Miss Lucy, happy as can be for 4th of July, 2017



Lois holding Lucy, 4th of July, 2017



Kate’s birthday, at the Birthday House — 2017



Celebrating Kate’s birthday at the Gregan’s — Kate is holding Miss Lucy — 2017



Celebrating Michael’s Birthday — April 2017



Celebrating Marcialito’s Birthday — March 2017



Me holding Miss Lucy, Christmas 2016



Kate with Miss Lucy — Christmas 2016



Welcome to the world Miss Lucy!



One of my favorite stops; my homage to Bull Durham.



Kate, me Aunt Beverly, Kim, and Uncle Glenn



My Dear Fran with Milton, on their honeymoon — they look so perfect!



Little Missy Fran


Sylvia and Fran



Fran with her parents



Fran at the beach, with her grandmother



Fran as a baby, in her mother’s arms



Fran’s High School Graduation



Roz (who we also got to know), she was Fran’s cousin, they were raised together,

Fran’s mother, and Fran



Pearl, Fran’s other cousin, with whom she was raised, on her mother’s lap,

Fran with her mother, Fannie with Pauline



College Graduation



Roz and Fran (this picture was taken after “lunching with Milt, first time” —

she looks so beautiful and happy



Fran with Milton, and their children



Milton and Fran, on a cruise — so stylish always!



Milton and Fran, on their 35th Anniversary



Celebrating my sister Joy’s birthday during our monthly family dinner



Marcial, Adriana, and Kate



At stop inspired by PBS . . .



At the Sand Dunes, in Indiana



At Lucy’s Presentation — Some of the women in her life — Second Cousin Beth, Great Aunt Joy (holding Lucy), Second Cousin Allison, Mother Hannah, Grandmother Linda, back row, Great Aunt Kate, Great Grandmother Julie, Grandmother Caroline, Great Auntie Jill



Finally at Sagamore Hill!



Kate standing in front of the advertisement for her most favorite play, movie, and sound track, in New York City – and yes, we did get to see it on Broadway – a pretty amazing moment!



Jill standing in front of the Rainbow Tower, in Honolulu, Hawaii – the world’s largest mosaic



Kate at Waikiki Beach, Honolulu, Hawaii



My birthday tea party — thank you Caroline!



Thanksgiving 2016, at Tim and Hannah’s as we awaited Miss Lucy


08-13-2016 08;02;28PM - Copy


I love this picture!  My Uncle Bill (Buddy) and my Mother, in Ohio,

at their Great Grand Father’s Home in Twin Creek


ohio3 002 - Copy


Jill and Amy


ohio3 006 - Copy


Kim, Uncle Glenn, Jill and Aunt Beverly


07-28-2016 11;20;35PM


This is one of my favorite snapshots, I loved this trip and the people gathered at this table  –

Aunt Roxanne, Kate, and Aunt Helen, getting ready to play euchre.


08-13-2016 09;04;03PM - Copy


Uncle David, Christy, and Aunt Roxanne, at their Home in Florida, 1992


08-13-2016 09;04;03PM8


Uncle Gary, Christmas, 1950


c47 - Copy


My Grandfather Delbert and Grandmother Hazel Cooper, all dressed up!


c3 - Copy


My Aunt Joan, who was quite a woman, and my Mother


08-13-2016 09;48;59PM


Lisa, Joy, the Child Artist, and Kate, preparing “Little Bags of Hope” to be distributed to the homeless in Long Beach, California –

Around 1990

08-13-2016 09;04;03PM5


Kate and Lisa


08-13-2016 09;04;03PM6


Lakewood, California, 1991 — When Charlie came into our life, through Lisa and Peter


07-28-2016 11;04;56PM6


Mother, Pat, and Kate at the airport in Ft. Lauderdale, in 2001


07-28-2016 11;20;35PM2


Kate and Joy, in Long Beach, California


07-28-2016 08;39;01PM - Copy (2)


I have always loved this picture of Beth and Kate, who of course held her weight on her arms, not on Beth’s shoulders.  It was in Long Beach, California, also 1989, in the apartment on Ocean Boulevard.


07-28-2016 04;12;58PM - Copy


Kate, at the Grand Canyon, on July 1, 1989, when you could still pull such stunts

and it only cost five dollars to enter the park–now long passed.


07-28-2016 11;20;35PM4


Kate in Cleveland



Kate’s first business in college


07-29-2016 12;40;34AM3


Beth, Kate, and Allison, Halloween 1993


07-29-2016 12;40;34AM2


Allison, Kate, and Hannah on Easter Sunday in 1994


07-29-2016 12;40;34AM


Kate on a road trip in 1972, with Jim and Laurie


07-29-2016 12;40;34AM4


Allison and Beth, painting the tree house in Maine


07-29-2016 12;40;34AM7


We actually took Beth and Allison to Niagara Falls, at night — I do not know what to say.


07-29-2016 12;40;34AM5


Jill at Mt. Baldy, California — sometime in the 1980’s


ncarolina1 017 - Copy


North Carolina, where at?  A museum of art, of course!


MarRubio 043 - Copy


Kate at our farewell to Senator Marco Rubio’s presidential campaign — I am glad we had a chance to see him in Florida and New Hampshire, very different experiences, but both memorable.


kasphone 295 - Copy


At one of my favorite stops — ever — the National Churchill Museum


kasphone 264 - Copy


Feeling somber in Oklahoma City, at the Memorial to the victims of the bombing — a hard stop to make, but very much worth it.


atlantamap 103 - Copy


Our group enjoying Stone Mountain


NYlibertypark 031 - Copy


Kate with Lady Liberty, in the background


NYlibertypark 032 - Copy


“Oh wait, I have that wrong”


atlantamap 206 - Copy


Kate posing with Mahatma Gandhi, in Atlanta


Philly 520


I think this is our third visit to this statue of Rocky; a movie which Kate loves/loved — not sure.   The first time we saw him, he was at the top of the stairs, at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, which the character ran up, in the film, the second time, he had been moved outside of a sports complex, now he is back at the museum, though no longer at the top of the stairs, but in a nice little alcove to the side — he is still fun.


NYlibertypark 115 - Copy


Kate at China Town, in New York City


Tairmen 048 - Copy


Kate at the Tuskegee Airmen Memorial Park, at Walterboro Army Airfield,  Anderson Field


kasphone 315 - Copy


Me pretending to be Kate, in Tampa


Philly 147 - Copy


We took our friends, from Florida, to see Plymouth Rock, on what turned out to be a very rainy day, luckily, found a way to enjoy it and learn more about the Pilgrims, through a stop at the Pilgrim Hall Museum.


AMP 151


Exploring the rocky beaches of New England.


IMG_20160425_110147056 - Copy


Should friends let friends log?  Especially on vacation!




What do you think?  Can we bring this one down?


IMG_20160604_141510535 - Copy


Yes, a “selfie” in Ogunquit


IMG_20160604_243422562 - Copy


Celebrating Kate’s birthday!




Tim and Kate Playing with the Chainsaw




Tim’s Fake Birthday


TimWB 007 - Copy


Me, with Tim and Hannah the night he was baptized in water


Easter2016 001 - Copy


Dressing for Doug’s Party


1459117168316 - Copy


Doug’s Birthday


bird 001 - Copy


Kate and Christine, getting ready to celebrate a very special birthday!


HTNYearparty 023 - Copy


Kate and Company, at Hannah and Tim’s New Years Eve Party — their first gig as a married couple!


HanandTim 206 - Copy


Off to the Church!


HanandTim 247 - Copy


It was such a joyful wedding!


HanandTim 368 - Copy


The smile says it all!


HanandTim 449 - Copy


Perfect Happiness!


HanandTim 531 - Copy - Copy


Mrs. Hannah and Kate


HanandTim 022 - Copy - Copy


My last picture with Miss Hannah


bridestea 014 - Copy - Copy


The Bridesmaids at Their Tea


thanks2015 048 - Copy


Hannah and Tim opening an early Christmas gift


thanks2015 024 - Copy


Hannah and Tim, deeply engaged in Caroline’s story


thanks2015 001 - Copy


Hannah, Kate, and Char getting ready for Thanksgiving Dinner


char1 003 - Copy


Char enjoying the pool room in Maine “The Way Life Should Be”


thanks2015 037 - Copy


Me and Tim getting ready for a Family photo


thanks2015 035 - Copy


The troops are getting restless — it is time to eat!


MFABoston 073 - Copy


Kate at the Boston Museum of Fine Art




Mother in Cuba




Mother as a school girl — so very beautiful!


11091572_883638101693580_2614240394027953469_n[1] - Copy


Yet another picture which I love: Uncle David, Uncle Gary, Aunt Helen, and Mother


IMG_20150628_132420780_HDR - Copy - Copy


Mildred and Fran


take2wrightmus 099 - Copy


Kate at the Wright Museum


IMG_20150903_164330347 - Copy


Excited to see and as it turns out meet and speak with Governor Jeb Bush!


IMG_20150826_172620100 - Copy


Senator Marco Rubio, our first political event in the season of 2015, preparing for 2016;

was able to meet him, and he autographed my book – pretty amazing.


IMG_20150830_131526158 - Copy


Was also able to meet and speak with Senator Ted Cruz


IMG_20150907_164320163 - Copy


Asking Governor Scott Walker for his autograph, for my friend Linda,

he ended up writing her a very note.


Carly 013 - Copy


Me, up in the front, waiting for Carly Fiorina to arrive


IMG_20150906_144518104 - Copy - Copy


Getting ready to go apple picking in New England


08-09-2015 09;01;44PM


Me, having returned from Hawaii, with Beth, on my lap, and her new doll


07-28-2016 11;20;35PM6


Lidia, Jill, and Glenda, in Hawaii


07-28-2016 11;20;35PM3


Lia, Glenda, and Jill camping in the snow, in California


08-09-2015 09;10;35PM


Joy and me in Puerto Rico


08-09-2015 09;00;34PM


My fifth birthday — also in Puerto Rico


08-22-2015 04;28;47PM


I love this picture of Mother feeding Beth a fried plantain


09-01-2015 03;36;56PM


Me with Lia holding Myrsine, and Elanie, in Greece


08-09-2015 09;12;57PM


Me, holding Allison and Beth


08-09-2015 09;16;08PM


Brother Pedro, Daddy, Joy, Mother, and me in Puerto Rico


08-09-2015 09;24;13PM


Me, living in Los Angeles, in an office building on Beverly and Western


08-09-2015 09;30;17PM


Me and Curly, Pico Rivera, California


08-09-2015 10;19;12PM


I do not remember why we are dressed up as Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs — ah University studies


08-09-2015 09;28;40PM


Pier 39, High School



One of my favorite pictures — Kate with Beth, Allison, and Hannah


IMG_20150820_155844796_HDR - Copy


Me at Billy Graham Library


DSC_1409 - Copy


Kate in Oakridge, Tennessee, at the X-10 Nuclear Reactor


char 069 - Copy


Talk about a look of longing . . . Kate at the Corvette Museum in Kentucky


char 444 - Copy


Kate, at the Brown Hotel, waiting from our hot brown sandwiches


char 463 - Copy


Char and me, celebrating her birthday with Kate!


arkansas 044


We are equal opportunity Presidential site visitor’s


PresidentBush 171 - Copy


Kate with both President’s Bush!


355 - Copy


Our first selfie


AnnakandThad 132 - Copy


Kate and Thad


AnnakandThad 137 - Copy


Kate and Annaka


AnnakaTheo2 005 - Copy


Me and Annaka


annakathad 019 - Copy


Kate and Annaka at Easter egg hunt


annakathad 092 - Copy


Kate and Thad


dallasart 172




Kate and me at the Cadillac ranch


berwick3 002 - Copy


Kate and Lia


berwick3 007 - Copy


Me and Lia


trip 073 - Copy


Me at he Outer Banks, at the sight of Orville and Wilbur Wrights First Flight, in North Carolina


trip 074 - Copy


Kate at he Outer Banks, at the sight of Orville and Wilbur Wrights First Flight, in North Carolina


trip 080 - Copy


Stepping on the 100th Anniversary Marker


peabody hotelo 028 - Copy


Happy Birthday Michael!


peabody hotelo 423 - Copy


Kate standing in front of the House Phones, at the Peabody Hotel, in Memphis, Tennessee


peabody hotelo 413 - Copy


Me, sitting inside a phone booth, at the Peabody Hotel, as well


NewMexico 065 - Copy


Kate White Sands National Monument


NewMexico 059 - Copy


me at White Sands


2013-11-289520.22.43 - Copy


Bob and Char — Thanksgiving 2013


southberwick12 049 - Copy


Kate sitting guard over the Christmas Village — 2013


thanksgiving2013 004 - Copy


Thaddeus, my great-nephew, with his grandfather, Juan


thanksgiving2013 019 - Copy


Kate and Miss Annaka — Thanksgiving 2013


thanksgiving2013 053 - Copy


Miss Annaka sitting on her Auntie Allison’s lap, very excited to blow out candles!


thanksgiving2013 056 - Copy (2)




annakaswim 030


Annaka swimming with her Daddy at the house


niagrafalls1 070 - Copy


Kate mesmerized by the most amazing flock of birds, gliding over Niagara Falls


niagrafalls1 127 - Copy
niagrafalls1 128 - Copy
niagrafalls1 129 - Copy
niagrafalls1 130 - Copy
niagrafalls1 131 - Copy


For years, Kate has posed with sculptures, on our travels.  In the past, I have not shared these pictures, until now.   Though I always find them humorous – I suppose because I think someone may be offended, thinking she is being irreverent, I have not published them; but she is not, she is simply having fun with Susan B. Anthony, while Frederick Douglas looks on.


niagraDC 088 - Copy


Freezing at Niagara Falls which we always seem to visit at the most inopportune times


niagraDC 049 - Copy


Kate at President James A. Garfield National Historic site, continuing our tour of Presidential Parks, Homes, and Libraries


DC2 415 - Copy


I was literally running up the stairs, of the National Museum of Natural History, having learned that I was going to be able to see an exhibit, on orchids, which I thought I had missed – but the museum closed late that night – lucky me!


DC2 143 - Copy


Kate at the Washington Cherry Blossom Festival, with its mascot,

reminding children, both young and old not to pick the blossoms


DC2 085 - Copy


I was able to see the Cyrus Cylinder, from Ancient Persia; but for the first time, the Smithsonian let me down – I was not allowed to photograph it for you – I hope you made it to exhibition as well.


DC2 199 - Copy


The Jefferson Memorial in the background – a beautiful day in Washington D.C.


snow3 083 - Copy


Kate enjoying our Christmas gift from the Gregan’s — museum membership, not the actual paintings 😉


fran2 122 - Copy


Celebrating Fran’s Birthday


fran2 127 - Copy


Kate and Fran, on her birthday


20130827_190006 - Copy


Happy Birthday Peter!


patio 238 - Copy


The Sader Family — what a lovely visit — it went too quickly!


earlythanksgiving 020 - Copy


Our Early Thanksgiving!


memphis1 040 - Copy


Visiting  The Upper Room Chapel and Christian Art Museum


memphis1 042 - Copy


Kate at the Chapel


memphis1 060 - Copy


Actually this is Kate, and this statement is no longer true:-)
I can no longer say that I have been to all of the Presidential Libraries – the President George W. Bush Library has opened in Dallas, and I await the opportunity to visit.  This picture, however, was taken at President Andrew Jackson’ Home, The Hermitage, outside of Nashville, Tennessee, Hermitage was the first historical Presidential site which I visited, as an adult, around twenty years ago.  It was a fascinating stop, which started me on tour of America, unlike any other which I have taken.  When we first went to The Hermitage, there were no digital cameras, and film was expensive to develop – thus I do not have a picture of me, at President Jackson’ house, from that trip – this is not revisionary history at work, just catch-up history.   A picture of me where this crazy passion began!

portguesemanofwar 022 - Copy


Spending time with the indomitable Fran!


portguesemanofwar 025 - Copy


Kate and Fran


portguesemanofwar 037 - Copy


Kate enjoying true delight – an ice cold Popsicle on a hot sunny day – at the beach, of course!


portguesemanofwar 046 - Copy


 Me too!


fran 021 - Copy


Hollis and Fran


1 003


This has been one of my favorite pictures for years, which I have not shared with anyone, until now.  My Mother loved to sit on the porch, both in the backyard with all of the wildlife, water, plants, and passing airplanes; but she also loved the front porch, because that was where the people were!  Mother would often read her Bible in the front, while drinking her coffee and crackers; or chat on the phone and write letters, while sitting outside.  More often than not, a friend and neighbor would come by and say hello – Nour would even bring her the paper every morning, and sit to chat – she so looked forward to his visits.  The sun would warm her and Merry, and they would often take a nap.  I would walk by, checking on both, often.  I always took such pleasure knowing they were both happy and together.


snow - Copy


My Mother claimed to hate the snow, but she did have her moments of pleasure with it — taken at our house in Lyman, Maine


IMG00073 - Copy


Mother and Kate, on the beach at Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.


f12 - Copy


Mother opening her birthday cards from Beth and Allison, before going off to work.


f8 - Copy


Mother holding Hannah, who had come to California for her first visit.


f7 - Copy


Mother watching Allison open her birthday gift, before heading off to work.


f5 (2) - Copy


Mother feeding Hannah


f2 - Copy


Beth, Mother holding Hannah, and Allison


50 - Copy


Beth, flanked by her Grandmother Irene and Grandmother Stella


035 - Copy


Mother with Merry, and Nour’s mangos.


033 - Copy


Mother sitting on the front porch, enjoying the orchids, bluejays, and sunshine.


012 - Copy


I planted a coconut tree, just for this moment.  My Mother so enjoyed fresh coconut milk.


009 - Copy


Stopping our way to Tampa, to see Aunt Roxanne — My Mother loved the water!


007 - Copy


Mother and Aunt Roxanne


03-28-08_1400 - Copy


Mother eating lunch in Florida


Jill in front of The Christmas Story House


Jill in front of The Christmas Story House


Kate and Jill, sitting on the porch of The Christmas Story House


Kate and Jill, sitting on the porch of The Christmas Story House


nativity1 062 - Copy


Kate, leg to leg with The Leg Lamp, at The Christmas Story House



The family gathered for Thanksgiving, so much to be thankful for this year.



Hannah, Caroline and Doug



Kate and Stella



Doug and Hannah



Jill, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, 2012



Meet Miss Annaka!  Kyle and Beth’s daughter, the remarkable new additon to the family!



Kate and Miss Annaka!






Marking the Moment, in Florida.



Miss Annaka, eating the California Charm Melody added to my bracelet



 Merry and Miss Annaka



Miss Annaka and her equally lovely mother, Beth!



Beth, Allison, and Kate — Hanging around, 1994, in California



Beth, making it look easy!



Allison!  On top of the world, as always!



Kate, the leader of the pack?



Me and Mother, Spring of 2012, She is out of the hospital now, and doing much better!



Big Luis, Me, Kate, Adriana, and Marcial!



 Jill and Kate, at the Nutcracker, Miami, Florida



Kate at Carols Gardel’s House, in Buenos Aires, Argentina



Our First Day in Argentina – A Dream Come True for Me!



Kate at La Recoleta Cemetery in Argentina



Kate waiting for her ride to work, outside of the Marriot in Buenos Aires – she would go off to work, and I to explore the city – a great trip!



Kate in Uruguay



Kate and Jill in Colon, Uruguay – trying to take a picture together



Our last day in Argentina



Jill in Jackson Hole, Wyoming



Kate in Jackson Hole, Wyoming



Kate at The Ohio State University

Still Standing!



Jill at The Ohio State University



Our Table at Bernie’s Bagel’s in Columbus, Ohio

Also, Still Standing!



Fran and Kate



Kate and Merry, Metro Parks, Cleveland, Ohio



 Kate, Caroline (hidden by me) Me



Great Grandmother to be, Stella — Mother



Caroline, Joy, me, Hannah, Beth and Allison



Allison, Beth, and Hannah



Joy and Hannah



Kyle, Kate, and Nic



Beth, Juan, Joy, Kyle, Sue, Bob, and Mother — at Beth and Kyle’s baby shower,

when they found out that Baby Smith is a little girl!



Kate and Merry at Old Orchard Beach, Maine.



Kate and Merry, walking at Old Orchard Beach, again — I love this picture!



Kate in Newburyport.



Kate, walking in Boston.



 Beth, waiting for Baby Smith to come.





Me and Mother!




Me and our dear Fran




 Me, looking out at the Pacific — taken by Kate, who has quite an eye for photography



 Nancy, Anna, and Kate!



 Anna, Nancy, and Kate



 Kate, Jill, (Merry) Chris, Sharon, and (Zoey)



 Chris and Sharon


Jim, Mary Lou, Jill

Sharon and Kate

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