To love a painting is to feel that this presence is… not an object but a voice.

~ Andre Malraux ~




Nicola Kovach, (Covach)

I long to stroll these shores; even more so now that I know where they are, it is not a stop I made during my long ago visit to Israel.

I bought this painting a few years back, as a birthday present to Kate.  It was in one of my more “upscale” second hand-stores, which I like to visit.  The man who sold it to me could neither read the writing on it, nor tell me anything about the painting.  But I had fallen in love, the moment I laid eyes on it.

In the last few years, I have asked many people to translate the inscription in the two lower corners, to no avail.

Recently, knowing Kate was going to be speaking with a  colleague in Israel, and that it was just going to be the two of them on the meeting, I asked her if she would mind sending him a photo and asking him to translate it for me.

I felt a slight hesitation about asking Kate to blur the lines between the personal with the professional, but I also felt that she and this gentleman, to whom I am happily indebted, were perhaps also becoming friends; and he might not mind.

She and he both graciously said yes. He stated that on the right hand corner it says Tiberias.  The view is from the Sea of Galilee; and the palms are typical of the region.  The artist is Nicola Kovach, (Covach).  Kate’s colleague also felt that the painting was very old.

I am so thankful for the information! I would also like to thank my neighbor, Al, for making the frame for us.




Art can never exist without naked beauty displaced.

~ William Blake ~ 

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