The ThatIsAllForNow Family Photo Album

Welcome to our Family Photo Album.  As we progress, below you will find photographs of many of the people which have been included in these pages, over the years.  I hope that you will enjoy further getting to know the ThatIsAllForNow family of friends.


fam1 - Copy


The Mosqueda Family


Shanksville 068 - Copy


Kate at the Memorial in Shanksville, PA


Shanksville 020 - Copy


Me, at the Memorial


charlottenc2 108 - Copy


Me looking over the Shenandoah Valley


charlottenc2 118


Kate and Miss Merry’s ears


Anne Frank Art 089 - Copy


Kate at the Anne Frank Traveling Exhibit, in Atlanta GA,

to the right a replica of her bedroom, while in hiding.


Anne Frank Art 087 - Copy


A sad yet moving experience, glad I was able to go


Atlanta 036 - Copy


Sightseeing at Pemberton Place, in Atlanta, in the middle of night.


Atlanta 024 - Copy


Kate doing her thing with Dr. John Pemberton, the man who invented Coca-Cola!


PAandFall 141 - Copy


In our favorite city — Washington D.C., driving north for Thanksgiving, a quick stop!



Hollis and her Mother, our dear Fran



Fran and Kate



Anthony, Hollis, and Aaron at his bar mitzvah


The last thing I told my Uncle David was that we were off Fran’s grandson’s bar mitzvah; he lit up with interest.  My Uncle was a huge supporter of Israel, and I think would have very much liked to rise up from his hospital bed to attend the bar mitzvah with us – I know Fran would have made room for him at the table.  What an honor it was to be present at Aaron’s special day.



Kate and Jill at one of the covered bridges of Madison County.



Love this picture of Hannah



Lazy Beach Day, Kate, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida



Jill in the Atlantic, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida



Jill, Kate, and Merry in San Augustine, Florida.



Kate, Jill, and Merry at Cape Code.



Kate in San Francisco



and Jill in San Francisco



Merry and Jill at the Snake River



Kate returning to the Snake River, where she has done a lot of back-packing, camping, and climbing.



 Kate at Fallingwater House



Kate, a perfect day in South Beach!



Jill, tailgating with the Marlins!


01-02-2013 10;07;09PM - Copy


My Mother, on horseback, to the left, my Father, standing next to her in Cuba.



Jim and Kate



Mary Lou and Kate



Kate and Merry



Doug, Hannah, and Caroline at Hannah’s Graduation



Jill, Hannah, and Kate, at Hannah’s Graduation



Vicky and Shorty, out for a walk!



Kate, Nour,  Kariny  and Bill



Mother and Nour, on her 80th Birthday!



Mother’s first look at her Birthday Table



Nour, Mother, and Michael






Nour’s Remarkable Family — well most of them!






Mother and me



Mother — SLM!



Mother Looking Forward to Opening her Surprises!




Char and Kate



Rosie, Char, and Kate




Jim, Kate, Sharon, and Mary Lou





Mother Christmas Morning


The lovely and Joan and Shirley!
Kate and Merry Christmas Morning



Thuy and Tuan, with May Rose and new Baby Tulie


.Our Australian Thanksgiving!


Mark, Kyle, Juan, Mother (looking at Angus) and Nic!


Amy and Beth!



Caroline and Allison!



Kyle and Juan — and a bit of  Mother!


Joy (holding Annie) Doug, and Kate!



Caroline and Doug!



Kate, Allison and Joy!



Me and Kate!



Amy and Allison!



Now, Allison and Amy!



Beth and Allison — Really missing Hannah!



Allison and her Turkey!



Caroline and Beth!



Kate and Joy! 



Allison and Turkey, all dressed up!  (Where is the poor Ham?) 




Mother!  What a difference a year makes – a year ago, we marked Thanksgiving around Mother’s hospital bed, this year – she was up, dressed, walking, and road tripping to Nic and Allison’s cottage on the lake, in Maine!



Nic and Angus, Beth and Kyle, and Miss Merry!



Allison and Annie! 



Aunt Roxanne!



Hannah and Merry in Maine



Caroline with Allison, in California



Beth, Me, and Allison, in California



Allison and Caroline, in California



Hannah and Me, at Lia’s House, in Califorfnia
Hannah’s First Cup of Tea



Beth, Allison, and Kate in California



Beth and Allison in Florida — a Few Years Back



Kyle and Beth, Kate and Me, Allison and Nic
In Tampa



Allison and Nic — Last Year, in Florida



Beth, Juan, Joy, and Allison, in California



Me, in Columbus, Ohio



Me in Hawaii



Standing in the Center of the World!
Or so they say — in front of Norte Dame, in Paris
Me, John, and Peter in 1986



Me in one of the Los Angels apartments — I am wondering about that painting in the background, I do not remember it? 



Miss Hannah



Doug and Miss Hannah



Me and Miss Hannah in Pennsylvania



Miss Hannah at Old Orchard Beach, Maine




    Joy and Me  









Mary C and Kate with Auntie Ginny in the back



Dru, Kate, and Colleen



Aunt Gen and Uncle Ray
Our First Christmas Card Every Year
We have now lost them both



Kate and Tessie



Allison and Kate



Little Kate
Still Looks the Same



Laurie, Charlotte
Charlie, Tessie, and Kate



Kate and Arnold
Her Pet Racoon



Stephanie, Aaron, and Kate


AD, standing, Kate, Aaron, and Stephanie


Aunt Karen and Kate


Daddy, Joy, Mother, and Me



Family Portrait
Joy sitting on Daddy’s Lap, and me on Mother’s
Caroline on Daddy


Family Portrait
Joy sitting on Daddy’s Lap, and me on Mother’s

Family Portrait
Mother and Daddy
Jill and Joy


Daddy and Mother
at Grandmother Hazel’s House



Jill, Joy, and Caroline



Kate in Budapest  


Kate and Hannah — I think they are cold!




At one of my birthday celebrations!  Yami, Patty, Adriana, me, and Little Luis




Kate and Big Luis, Yami, Marcial, Big Luis and Kate



A Gathering of Cooper’s



Andy and Susan



The last picture my sisters, Joy, Caroline, me, and my Father took together.




I knew Beth was going to reach great heights! 


Beth’s Fifth Birthday
Allison is to the right
Caroline did the clown make-up



Joy and Beth




Kate and Allison


     Mother and Allison, a perfect doll!      






Ernesto Adame
Ernesto and Kate met at work, and were instant friends.  She invited him to my 40th birthday bash, where we roasted a whole pig.  He and I had yet to meet, and unable to come, he nevertheless sent a present.  Ernesto gave me volume one and two of Los Panchos greatest hits, music I love, but of equal importance, he gave them to me in a Madeline gift bag – which I still have, and which Kate yearly places something in, for my birthday – which always reminds me of Ernesto – the man with the perfect taste!  



Marigold Marsh, second from the left, and a few members of her dear family
As a child, Marigold knew my Mother; as an adult, she spent years looking for my Mother, and finally found her on these pages, last year, when I wrote about my Mother on Mother’s Day!  




Our dear Joan’s!  Taken before they both moved away from us, but this is Joan Hayden’s birthday party, with Joan Williams, sitting at the other end of the table.  We miss them both dearly.


Pat and Mother, Fort Lauderdale, Florida — remarkable women! 




Shahnaz and Lia.
Celebrating Lia’s birthday, when we were all still in Southern California.



Lia and Melody at Joy’s House (in the background) the night before Kate and I left California for Maine, 1996



Christine, Blanche and Peter.
Nour’s adorable nieces with their new baby brother. 



 Lori and Super Julie Bell
Kate and Julie grew up on the same street in Ohio, and reconnected in Florida, thanks to their father’s.  When preparing to meet Julie, I asked about her, and was told that she quite literally super human — the best at absolutely everything!   Julie has lived up to her reputation, and we have found Lori to be equally super.



Melody McCormick, in Northern Ireland, leading a Habitat for Humanity trip to Belfast, where they helped to build these red brick homes, in the community of Iris Close.  



Our dear friend and neighbor Nour, with his Uncle Alex, in our home, at Christmas, in 2008.  




My Mother, Rev. Stella Lucille Cooper Mosqueda, in her youth. 
She has been the subject of many of my articles.  




Tom and Ruth McCormick, as well as Phil Needleman, celebrating Kate’s Masters, in 2006.  
We have since lost both Tom and Phil, our dear friends and neighbors,
but their lives continue to inspire and our memories of them will lives with us all.  



One of my favorite pictures with Phil



Kate Scarcella and Helen Patton. 
My Aunt Helen who was a ‘snowbird’ spending winters in Florida, and the rest of the year in Ohio, told Kate and me, that she had always wanted to go to the Kennedy Space Center, which she yearly passed, on her way between homes.  She and Uncle Paul, had never made it there, so Kate and I decided to take her, in 1992. 



Mother, Kate, and Aunt Helen, at the Queen Mary, in Long Beach, California



Aunt Helen and Ann in Maine in 1992


The Rev. Ignacio Mosqueda — Daddy, of whom so much is written. 





Daddy at work




Mrs. Francis Hines — our hero!
Kate and I would never be able to travel together without our dear friend Fran, who loves Merry as much as we do.   



Thuy and Tuan, taken during the opening of their café.  



Mother and Don



Stella and Kitty, at Beth’s wedding.  Lovely!



Mother and Uncle David, in Port Charlotte.  I feel blessed to have gotten to know my Uncle David, a special man whom I miss. 




Mother and Me






Joy and I, in our youth — Pomona and Pico Rivera, California; and I have no idea where.



Getting read to distribute “Little Bags of Hope”




Me at Leona’s



Kate holding Charlie and Callaghan





Kate and I in New York




Kate, Caroline, and Lia in California



Kate in Berlin



Kate and Me in Budapest




Kate in Budapest



Kate in Paris



Kate in Paris



Kate in Paris



Kate in Spain in 2009

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