The ThatIsAllForNow Family Photo Album Part III

My heart is overflowing with happiness!  Of the many things which I love about That Is All For Now, the Family (not just the biological family, but all of the people that I write about) Photo Albums are one of my favorite features.  While not included in the Mobile site, it is still accessible on the phone, by going to the .com site, thus wherever I am, I can always look at the people that I love — God bless technology!

As I embark on Part III, I am going to continue to add old photographs that mean something to me, and maybe one or two that will matter to you, and pictures that capture today.  I hope you continue to enjoy our journey.



Miss Annaka in the foreground, Allison behind her, I am holding Adeline, next to me is Jenevieve, Thaddaeus is in front of her, and Joy is to the right. In Maine



Kate, Marcial, and Adriana!  In Florida



Linda and Marcial!  In Florida



Kate and Marcial having just set up Linda’s table!  In Florida



Thaddaeus, Annaka, Kate, Kyle, Enoch, and Beth, at the Smith’s favorite restaurant. In Maine



Kate and Shahnaz in California



Jill and Shahnaz in California



Nancy and Kate in Ohio


My Messenger skills continue to be challenged; I can no longer find the message from the man who sent me these two photographs of my Father, thus I cannot give him credit. But I nevertheless say thank you. They were photographs taken when my Father preached at his church in Ohio.



Celebrating Marcial’s birthday, a few years back, joined by Inez, Adriana’s mother



Happy 21st Christine!  In florida



Annaka literally said to me, “I wonder if I can ride backwards.”

I of course said no, she proved me wrong!  In Maine



Annaka, the Fearless, getting comfortable with her new bike



My Father’s sister, my Aunt Carmen in Cuba



Beth and Kate, Long Beach, California, and the inspiration for the following two photos, 1989



Allison, I love this picture — same hallway, as above Long Beach, California



Annaka and Kate, Maine, 2019



Thaddaeus and Kate, Maine, 2019



Beth, and her three amazing and fearless children, Enoch, Annaka, and Thaddaeus, Maine, 2019



Annaka, Maine, 2019



Annaka and Thaddaeus, Portland, Maine 2019



Annaka, Kate, Thaddaeus, Enoch, and Beth, Portland, Maine, 2019



Photo of me, taken by Kate, in the Keys, Florida, 2019, stopping to capture the sunset



I love this picture of Kate and Anne Gunning!



Beth and Allison, unplanned sleep over, Long Beach, California



Mother and Daddy, 1956



Chuck, Pico Rivera, California, 1979, because he wishes me a Happy Birthday (I have to say, I really want to post the back of the photo, as well, but shall control myself.)



Allison and Kate, Whittier, California, 1993



First picture I took of Tim



Adrienne helping Kate blow out her birthday candles, Lyman, Maine, 1997



Joy, holding Beth, and Curly, Pico Rivera, California, 1983



Kate, playing at the Grand Canyon, Arizona, 1989



Laurie and Kate, skiing at Otsego, Michigan



Mary C. and Adriene



Daddy, in Adriana, Michigan, December 13, 1969 — not in our home, love how his suite matches the tree



Aunt Helen, me, Phil, Melanie, Kate, and Mother — around 1995



Mother, holding me, Daddy, holding Joy



The only picture I have of John, we are at Versailles, Peter took the photo



My third grade school picture.


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