Perfect Post Cards – Picture and a Thousand Words

Miss. Leah Leach, Waterville, ME



Thus far, this is the oldest post mark I have found, in my collection.  It is hand dated, and stamped by the post office in Penobscot Maine, on September 9, 1911.  Ivan wrote and mailed the card the same day, very efficient – though he did put the stamp on upside down, something I have done myself too many times.  I am sure he never imagined me taking note of any of this.




“Dear Sister Pearl, decided not to go to Searsport today.  We shall go Wednesday, probably.  Ivan.”


What I find interesting about this card, other than it being over a hundred years old, and written in pencil; is that the only address is: Miss. Leah leach, Waterville, ME.

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