Perfect Post Cards – Picture and a Thousand Words

Happy Valentine’s Day!

 1“To Ruthie From Verna”


I found this collection of old Valentine’s in a second hand store in Fort Lauderdale.  The idea that someone saved these cards for 80 – 90 years is remarkable, to me; whether it was the original recipient and then a family member, who must have understood that the small cards were most assuredly cherished.  I am honored to share them with you.


The color of each card is incredibly vibrant; I have placed them on a white background to photocopy them, but they are actually cut into the shapes you see.  I find myself terribly impressed with both the artistic elements of the Valentines, and the sentiments behind them.  I hope you are as loved as Ruthie was, and that you have a Happy Valentine’s Day


“I am sending you this Valentine and hope you will be glad, because if you do not like it, I will be sad.” (It even rhymes, and can you see how the cards were pressed?)




Signed on the back “To Ruth W. From Velma S.”


“To Ruthie Webb, From Helen Butsch, Room 6” written on the back


Ruth Webb, written on the back

8“This heart I’ve saved for little you.  Don’t say you didn’t want me to.  Signed Grace”


“To Ruth Webb from Grace”


“Twixt you and me and my parasol. I hope that for my love you’ll fall.  For though I want a Valentine.  I’ll have no one but YOU for mine.”


“To Ruth Webb From Your Friend Velma Stewart”


“I saw a pretty little bird a sitting on a vine; He said he thought that you would like to be my Valentine.”


“Love your grandma”


This card, which is dated March 12, 1927, and is printed in Germany, holds a copyright for 1912

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