Perfect Post Cards – Picture and a Thousand Words

Hawaii 1947



Statue of Kamehameha

Perhaps, it is because I am awaiting an undesired snow storm that my soul dreams of wandering along a warm beach and my eyes linger on this collection of Old Post cards that are “Nu – Nui, which means ‘New New-y’ – It’s Hawaiian for ‘Very Big'”.  The post cards are all dated 1947, Territory of Hawaii, U.S.A., with artist and lithographer named.   The color of these post cards is truly spectacular; capturing exactly why people ventured to Hawaii as tourist, to see the natural wonders.

As a child, my family moved to Hilo Hawaii, ‘The Big Island’ during the start of my second semester of seventh grade; we lived there for exactly one year, to the day.  I then spent a very memorable season on Oahu, as an adult.  It is not without cause that the Hawaiian Islands are called paradise.


None of these post cards were ever written on; I originally found five, one was gifted.


View From Nuuanu Pali, Oahu


Hawaii National Park Volcanoes, Kilauea, on Mauna Loa, on The Big Island, Hawaii.  I love this petit female figure, which appears dwarfed by the spectacle view in front of her.


Haleakala From Maui

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