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A Picture and a Thousand Words

25 - Copy

“Jerusalem — Davids Street” 

The street looks as I remember it, though her inhabitants are perhaps dressed less westernized than when I was there.  I love that the artist captured both Jews and Muslims in this picture. 

Many years ago, while on a car trip north, from Los Angeles to Vancouver, we stopped at a secondhand store, in Oregon.  I do not recall having made any other purchase, in the store, but I did find these marvelous postcards from Los Angeles, which was home at the time, and which will always be a part of me.  The color of the cards was simply outstanding, as were the subjects portrayed on the cards.  I paid a dollar a piece, a small fortune, at the time, brought them back to Los Angeles, and framed them.  Since then, the framed cards have occupied a prominent place in every home I have had.

Los Angeles from the 1930’s – 1940’s was soon followed by post cards from Cuba, from the same period of time, and then Greece, and of course Paris; I knew I had to stop, but I only stopped framing them, not buying them.

I love old post cards, as well as new ones.  The artists, who shoot the pictures, for post cards, always do a much better job than I ever will, of capturing a particular place and time.  Also, I most often enjoy the inscription, on the back, of cards which were purchased by someone else first, mailed off to a friend or family member, and eventually ended up in a bin, at a table in an antique mall, waiting for me to find it.

As I have so many, which I find of interest, I thought I might start sharing a few with you as well; beginning with these two from Jerusalem, as Hanukkah and Christmas are both upon us.


27 - Copy

 “Bethlehem — Entrance to Holy Manger”

28 - Copy


I love the nuance of history – Old City, Jerusalem, Jordan; I also wonder if Mr. and Mrs. Stameson ever got their card, in 1958?

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