Free This Month

I hope you were able to enjoy Free This Month – I did!


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Yesterday, we had a strikingly stunning New England day with leaves turning, sun shining, and a perfect 80 degrees. We took advantage of the Free Museum Day, sponsored by the Smithsonian and visited the Sarah Orne Jewett Home and the Wright Museum of World War II.  I had been to Jewett’s home many years ago, but wanted to visit again, still was not permitted to take pictures; nevertheless had a lovely chat with the guide about the area and the writer.  We then went to the Wright Museum, which was one of the finest museums I have ever visited.  It was beautifully laid out, with a wonderful staff, easy to get around, and it did a remarkable job of covering an enormous topic; and there was an added bonus!

As a collector of treasures from bygone eras, I have had the small thrill of occasionally seeing things, which I own, displayed in a museum – yesterday was such a day.

When I was young, both men and women carried handkerchiefs, as a child, one of my jobs, which I enjoyed, was to iron my Father’s white and sometimes embroidered handkerchiefs. I still use handkerchiefs and have several that were given to me as a child, including one from Tursia, ( August 7) one that was my Grandmother’s and a few that were my Mother’s; I have also added to the collection.


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This Remember Pearl Harbor Handkerchiefs is a favorite; I am of course rather passionate about World War II, it commemorates an incredibly significant moment in American history, and it is well made with colorful and patriotic images, as if a piece of art and propaganda. Yet, given that I paid a dollar for it at a Habitat for Humanity Reuse store, I had no way of knowing if it was a period piece, which should not necessarily impact my love for it, but I have to say, seeing its sister, perfectly displayed, at the museum, did bring more than a small smile to my face.

Thank you Smithsonian for promoting a great way to visit familiar places and to get to know new museums, I had a perfect day.

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