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Rosie the Riveter Memorial


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Located in Richmond, California, the Rosie the Riveter Memorial and the World War II Home Front National Historic Parkfeel like works in progress; I hope this is not simply because they were established to honor women’s efforts during the war.  The day we visited, a ranger met us at the information station, was very generous with reading material, and told us they were still developing the Park.  I do not believe that I can honestly recommend a detour to see either place, or stop and view the fenced in Kaiser facility where the modern HMO began; however, if you are driving by, you may want to stop and check their progress.  I believe eventually this will a detour well worth making.

Inspired by her great-aunt and mother-in-law, who both had war time jobs; Donna Powers lead the fight to create a memorial which honored the remarkable women who played a vital role in victory.  The Memorial was created by Susan Schwartzenberd and Cheryl Barton.  Its design suggests a ship, as a work in progress, with the walkway measuring the length of the ships keel or backbone.  As you walk along the path you will find a time line of events, as well as quotes and photographs of the Rosie’s.


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My Grandmother, Hazel Cooper, a Rosie too

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at Timken Roller Bearings, Columbus Ohio

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National Parks Brochure

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