In the Garden

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My Briefly Hanging Garden

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This small space, in the front of the house in Florida, is my favorite garden.  I normally refer to it as my Orchid Garden, as between the hibiscus and bougainvillea, it is the most shaded area of the yard; and thus provides a perfect environment for the orchids to flourish.

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In what I thought a rather brilliant idea, I decided to create a “hanging garden.”  Plant hangers can be ridiculously expensive, thus when I found twine at the Dollar store, I thought I decided to make plant hangers – I did not take into consideration, how quickly, once wet, the twine would break down – thus I found many of these beautiful plants, lying on the ground.  Before they started to break down, enjoying the very determined blue-jay, I took a few snaps, of my “hanging garden” which I think needs synthetic hangers, sorry to say.

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Nevertheless, I love sitting here, watching nature thrive!

fran2 045 - CopyA very happy duck

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And a happy blue-jay

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Always makes me think of Aunt Helen

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I do not know why, but all of my friends who garden, just like me, love the silly Staghorn fern

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They will only last for the day, but a great flower to put in a small vase, for the dinner table


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