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An Ideal Detour


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While I know why most people visit Las Vegas, I have to say that I prefer staying away from the strip, and instead venturing out of the city and into the bounty of the dessert.  During this trip, we have taken in several State Parks, including Valley of Fire, which is by far our favorite – thus far!

Dedicated on Easter Sunday, 1934, Valley of Fire is considered Nevada’s first State Park.  It is about an hour drive from Las Vegas, and well worth the adventure; and the perfect place for a picnic.

The park is a wonderful place to walk/hike in majestic beauty, with the various rock formations incredibly accessible, which is a very good thing because you will want to touch these rippled stones with their intricate patterns and textures.

We arrived in late afternoon, in time to witness the various photographers, who had come to capture the sunset, positioning themselves for the perfect shot; and marveled at the beauty God created for us to enjoy.


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I want to explore these caves


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These formations are called beehives


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“A Room with a View?”


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Where did the yellow suddenly come from?


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The stone looks likes pink waves of water


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A path to follow


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I find this breathtaking


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The perfect place to rest


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A lacey rock


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The shadows create an entirely new vista


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The sand and rock are the same color!


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Perhaps this is why it is called Valley of Fire



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