In the Wild!

Everglades 041 - Copy

A Very Happy Family

For about a week, we stayed at a hotel in Jacksonville, Florida, where every morning and evening we witnessed this happy family of geese going about their lives.  It was so delightful to see others stopping to snap a few pictures and marvel at the beauty of nature, without anyone thinking of disturbing these beautiful creatures.

Everglades 042 - Copy

They are mere teenagers

Everglades 043 - Copy

Keeping watch

Everglades 044 - Copy

They seem so peaceful

Everglades 045 - Copy

Look at the Wild in which they live — I love that nature is all around us.

Everglades 046 - Copy

Do you think the mallard wants to join the family?

Everglades 049 - Copy

“You can photograph us, but keep your distance.”

Everglades 050 - Copy

Looking for a bite to eat

Everglades 051 - Copy

Mama and her girls — or so I think

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