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Remembering our Veterans

I remember my first trip to Washington D.C., as a child, as well as my first as an adult, and the last.  For over ten years now, I have been fortunate enough to visit my nation’s capital, at least once a year; and without exception, every trip brings new discoveries and wonderment, and oddly, I still feel there is so much more to see and do.

As we mark Veterans day this year, stopping to remember those who have not only made the ultimate sacrifice, for our nation, but those who tonight find themselves miles away from their home and family, fighting to protect us and helping others who will never embrace our flag, I had planned to share with you photographs from the World War II Memorial, on the Mall; and one day I shall.  But in looking through my images of D.C., I thought instead, I would share the Korean War Memorial, for two reasons.

First, we so often overlook our Veterans, in general – shame on us – and historically, Korean and Vietnam Veterans have been ignored and cast off, more so than many others, because those wars did not lead to victories for America.  But the sacrifice of those Veterans is no less meaningful or powerful.  Secondly, the Memorial is remarkable in its execution, capturing a moment in history, which should be remembered.

As the Marines are dispatched, at this very moment, to the Philippines, to aid this ally in its recovery, take a moment to pray for our men and women in uniform, both present and past; and remember their families and friends, who have missed being able to celebrate birthdays and holidays with their loved ones or watch a movie or football game with them, or walk on the beach or share in the birth of their newborn baby.  Today, and every day, honor those who serve.

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They come upon you in uniform, carrying their full packs, on patrol

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Look at his face

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Real people, not just numbers

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 Remember them and all of our men and women in service


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