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Cuando salí de Cuba


Luis Aguilé


Nunca podré morirme,
mi corazón no lo tengo aquí,
alguien me está esperando,
me está aguardando que vuelva allí.
Cuando salí de Cuba
dejé mi vida, dejé mi amor
Cuando salí de Cuba
dejé enterrado mi corazón.

Late y sigue latiendo
porque mi tierra vida le da
pero llegará el día
en que mi mano lo alcanzará.

Una triste tormenta
me está azotando sin descansar
pero el sol de tus hijos
pronto la calma te ha de alcanzar.

When I left Cuba

(English Translation)

I will never be able to die,
my heart I do not have here with me
someone is waiting for me
they’re waiting for me to go back there.

When I left Cuba
I left behind my life, I left behind my love
when I left Cuba
I left my heart buried in the ground.

It beats and continues beating
because my land gives it life
but the day will come
when my hand will reach it.

A sad storm
is battering me without rest
but the sun of your children
soon will make the calm reach you.


The happiest part of my Mother’s life was lived in Cuba.  She and my Father, Ignacio Mosqueda, were forced to leave Cuba in April of 1962, after Fidel Castor declared the Revolution to be communist, and ordered among others, my parents church closed.

This has always been one of my favorite songs; though I must say the translations fails to capture the beauty and longing of this song.  I remember my Father playing it, when I was a child, and I continued to listen to it, after he was gone.

Kate has often said that our years in Florida gave Mother back a piece of Cuba – no one enjoyed the Versailles Restaurant more than Mother, well except Kate and me.  Mother loved going Calle Ocho for Cuban pastries and delighted in our Cuban friends and family.  Kate suggested sharing this music in her honor, and I concur.



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Mother on far left, on horse back, Daddy standing beside her, in Cuba.

If you would like to hear the song, click below.



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