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The Only House President and Mrs. Eisenhower Ever Owned


“Here in America we are descended in blood and in spirit from revolutionists and rebels –
men and women who dare to dissent from accepted doctrine. 
As their heirs, may we never confuse honest dissent with disloyal subversion.”
~ President Dwight David Eisenhower ~

We have visited President Eisenhower’s Library and boyhood home in Abilene Kansas, and highly recommend that you put it on your to do list.  Not only does it do justice to the President’s years in office, but the library covers his years as a solider as well, taking great effort to not only explain his role as Supreme Commander of the Allied forces in Europe but the war in general.

However, this Public Square offering concerns the only house which he and his wife, Mamie Geneva Doud, ever owned.

Eisenhower first visited Gettysburg when he was a cadet at West Point, in 1915.  He returned during WW I, with his wife and son, to serve as commander of the Army Tank Training Center, at Pickett’s Charge.  After his service in WW II, he and his wife bought the 189 acre farm for $44,000.   They had only owned the home for two years when he began his 1952 run for the presidency, which he would of course win.  Throughout his presidency, the Eisenhower’s would use the house as their retreat from Washington D.C.; after leaving the White House, the couple finally retired in the Gettysburg house, living out their lives in the comfort of the working farm, with ample space for visits from family and friends.

One of the things which most struck me about this house was how ordinary it is, with a lack of pretention and a warm, welcoming air about it.  I loved all of Mamie’s monogramed lines and the beauty and simple elegance that fills the home, which is preserved in the manner in which they lived in it.   It was also delightful to be able to see the President’s oil paintings which are hung about the house.

The house which is part of the National Parks, is part of Gettysburg National Military Park.  At the visitor center you may purchase tickets for the President’s house and farm; and will catch the shuttle which will take you the site.


This was a working farm

 Living Room

 Dinning Room

Sitting Room

 A very inviting home

 Guest Room

 Guest Room

The First Lady Loved Pink


Green for the President

Painting done by the President, His room

 Maid’s Room

Kate and Jill in the mirror

 Master Bedroom Television

 Laundry Room


I would love to have two stoves!  Look at those floors.

Kate standing by the side door

Jill at the perfect outdoor space


The President loved golf

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