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The Hope of Sunshine and Warmth

Though the calendar bid farewell to winter, Mother Earth seems determined to linger in her chilly, wet, windy mode, with snow flurries dotting the ground in May.  I had not expected to find such gloomy weather on this trip; naked trees, dead grasses, and swollen rivers as far at the eye can see.  The bright spot – bulbs!

In South Florida, we do little with flower bulbs, except for the few tropical which will grow for us.  There are several types of lilies, canna and the ever faithful Amaryllis which will easily propagate and bloom in Florida, but by and large we miss out on the beauty of bulbs, which require a cold snap and cannot tolerate our high humidity.  We can, and I have forced blubs, by allowing the refrigerator to mimic a frosty ground, but it does stress the bulb, and the following year it should be planted in the ground.  In South Florida, where so much is always in bloom, it would be wrong to envy the beauty of blubs, which those to north get to enjoy and perhaps need, as the cold days continue; but it is also impossible not to stop and take note of the beauty which bulbs provide.

The amazing colors which daffodils, snowdrops, tulips, hyacinths, and all of their fellow bulbs put forth serve as hope that spring will indeed arrive and give way to summer – eventually!

Enjoy a few of my favorites, and look for the most beautiful collection of Iris’ to follow.

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  1. Kim B. on May 28, 2011 at 3:14 pm

    Wish my garden looked like this.

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