In the Wild!



Nour’s Geese

Not Ducks at All

Several months ago, we sat in the Florida room chatting, when we were drawn outside by a new sound.  The ducks, which have the run of the park, lake, and our collective yards, were in a bit of a huff.  We walked outside, and much to our surprise, our neighborhood ducks had been joined by two geese! 

My ducks are welcoming the geese.

Our first look at the geese!

Eventually, the geese made their way to Nour’s back yard.  Nour is the first to admit that he finds the ducks can be a nuisance; but somehow the beauty of the geese won him over.  They nested in his yard, and he patiently waited for the goslings to be born – which they were. 

Nour observed that both the goose and gander tended the nest, and gave each other the opportunity to feed.  Once goslings were born, the family swim, strolled, and slept together.

A last egg waiting to hatch – one hopes

And they lived happily ever after!


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