In the Wild!


Different Ducks

In 1987, Nancy Schön created a statue of a mother duck and her eight ducklings, inspired by Robert McCloskey’s book Make Way for Ducklings, published in 1941, and set in the Boston Public Garden, which is also home to the sculpture.

Merry, our dear dog, has learned to tolerate her semi-sibling ducks which live around our house.  She does not like when the male ducks argue and will chase them off into the water, but by and large, she permits the ducks to share her outdoor space.

Thus on a perfect day, with Merry in tow, we went in search of Nancy Schön’s beautiful sculpture.  You cannot imagine our surprise, as we watched Merry recognize the figures as ducks!  She began at the mother duck, and worked her way down the line, stopping to smell each duck, before giving up and deciding that though the art work looked like a duck – it did not quack like a duck.


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