A View From the Road

Arcadia Round Barn

Once upon a time, this round barn, in Oklahoma, was the most photographed landmark, on Rout 66.  I of course had no idea it existed, or was such an iconic piece of Americana, when we happened to pull over, to photograph it, as we traveled, pre-quarantine, on Rout 66.

This is America’s only round barn, and quite A View From the Road.

From Wikipedia: 

“It was built by local farmer William Harrison Odor in 1898 using native bur oak boards soaked while green and forced into the curves needed for the walls and roof rafters. A second level was incorporated for use as a community gathering place. The town of Arcadia developed and prospered with the arrival of the railroad and in the 1920s the newly commissioned Route 66 was aligned through the town, passing next to the Round Barn.”

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