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I often shoot pictures, of the dishes, I make, on this table top. It is the dining room table, which was Kate’s grandmother’s, Tessie, and is where we take most of our meals in Maine; and it is adorned with one of my favorite textiles. I happen to love the way the table looks and thus it usually makes any offerings look even better.

Today however, I am not photographing the items in this post, on this surface, simply because I like it or feel it will enhance the aesthetics; rather because we bought this hand embroidered runner in Hungry and it is from Hungry, which the photographed treasures hail!

On Patty’s recent trip to Hungry, she bought me these fanciful additions to my cupboard. It is not the first time she has brought me back some exotic delectable spice or tea or herb from one of her adventures, but it is the first since I began this column, and somehow it felt like a right proper contribution.


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