Because I Can

The Joy of Wonder!



It began innocently enough; Kate was talking to Annaka, Thaddaeus, and Enoch about artificial intlligence and computer coding, when Annaka said she would like to build a robot.

Annaka went over to the chalk board and drew her robot:



Kate of course said we can do that, excited at Annaka’s interest in robotics.  Fast forward a couple of months, and the children are coming for an extended visit; we are in Target, picking up a few things for them, when Kate sees this box to build a robot.

She reads it is for children between 8-14, none of the children are yet 8, much less 14; but Kate’s enuthiasm convinces her that Annaka and Thaddaeus will have no problem building a robot and she will help Enoch.  Great!

The children arrive, and excitedly look at the box, they can not wait!  They start to pick out which robot they want to make.



We have believed that the box contains the material to build ten different robots, in fact it only contains the materials for one, but those materials can be configured into ten different robots.



But we do not have to worry, because it does not take long for Kate and the children to realize it is going to take an advanced degree in Computer Engineering and a lot of Can-Do Kate’s time, to build a robot.



Thus the children go on to other things, eventually on to bed, while  Kate stays up doing her homework.  However, when the children wake-up, they are mesmerized by what Kate has built, and are good sports, understanding the other robots will not be ready until the next visit.



But God bless Kate, she also had to put Annaka’s terrestrial mobile together, and the night before they arrived, she pitched a tent, in the basement!



What a joy and a blessing it is to have children to play with — by the way, she also thought poppers were a good idea, and thank God, Kyle agreed!



Thank you Kate; and thank you Beth and Kyle for sharing!







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