Market Square Park



This was my initial view of Market Square Park; and what drew me to take a closer look.  I was not intrigued by overflowing flower beds or well groomed trees, rather the benches and table!  I wanted to take a closer look; and I was not disappointed.



I happened upon Market Square Park, located in the Historic District of Downtown Houston, Texas, while looking for their 9-11 Memorial; which I will share with you in the future.  This is not a vast, lush, green space, as one my expect for a major city’s park; rather it is a smaller, urban area, that brims with public art.

Yet what I loved was that it seemed to be designed to welcome people into the space, offering them a respite from what life can so easily become in our hurried world, as well as a touch of beauty that will not fade with the seasons.







For good measure . . . a dog!



And a fountain.


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