In the Garden

Wildlife in the Garden

One of the pleasures of the garden is watching the creatures which have made it home.  While I have yet to master wildlife photography, below are a few shots of the many animals which either make our garden their home, or drop by for a visit!

Not pictured are the occasional alligators who takes a swim in the lake, the otters who use live under our house, the opossum who still lives in the bougainvillea, or the raccoons and squirrels which stop by for a snack!  Also missing are the many herons which live around the lake — I stand corrected.  Scroll down to see a blue heron that stopped by for a visit and one of our iguanas. 

Can you see the bluyjay in the foxtail palm above?  Or eating out of the bird feeder? 

Kate feeds them peanuts! 


Which they love.

My yard is full of frogs!


Yes, I love the ducks and know them — this is one of our best mothers.

The new babies are getting to know the pigeons.

They keep me company when I garden. 

Okay, the pelican is not real, but see the little lizard?

The reflected rug in this photo is from the Florida room.  This brave soul was knocking on the door!

My yard should be bug free! 

These lovely green parrots ran away from the zoo, during Hurricane Andrew.  They are scattered about, with several families living in our park – so pleased to see them on the porch.


Can you see him?

Little lizard eating a dragon fly, I know – but it is the circle of life.

A blue heron, taking in the view!

Bright green iguana, making its way home

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