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Happy Mother’s Day

This week I posted an article, on our facebook page, about the new vintage inspired, TWA hotel, commenting on the terminal and TWA’s impact on my life.  Going through an envelope of pictures, I noticed that TWA also had an impact on my Mother’s life.

On the back of the picture it says: “Abril 11 – 53, Jackie & Stella, Coming back Cuba” — I always thought of Mother flying Pan Am to Cuba — maybe this is the flight from Miami to Columbus.

I loved my Mother’s adventurous soul.  I miss not being able to wish her a Happy Mother’s Day, thus I wish you a Happy Mother’s Day, and think of her. 



I cropped a bit of the photo, to better see her happy face!


A second photo, taken the same day: “Abril 11 -53, Stella – Jackie, Mom, Coming from Cuba Old Port Columbus”

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