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Sargent E. Smith Community Garden



Many years ago, I had a small plot in a community garden, it was a delightful experience; and one I would highly recommend, especially to a gardening novice. Gardeners love to share their passion for playing in the dirt and will gladly give you everything from advice to clippings to seeds.  Across from Schofield Barracks, there is a community garden which bid me welcome, on a bright, sunny afternoon.



One the more revealing moments, during our recent trip to Hawaii, was how I had recreated a Hawaiian paradise, in Florida.



The plants I saw on the island were all more than familiar, not only from the time I had lived there, but because my garden, in Florida, was well stocked with plumeria’s, orchids, ginger, heliconia, bromeliads, taro, bananas, coconuts, and oh so much more – including Cuban oregano – which I could not believe I saw growing happily in this community garden!



Thus, as I began to walk through the well-defined paths, peering into the small plots, and chatting with the very friendly gardeners, I felt completely at home and quite excited that I had pulled over to explore the bounty coming forward from the small plots of land.



My initial wonderment and joy came from the familiarity of the my surroundings and the true pleasure I feel in a garden, but I soon came across what almost appeared to be an invasive vine, which I did not recognize; it peeked my curiosity, beckoning me to explore further.



It was not until the second time I came across the plant, this one bearing fruit, that I realized it was chayote – I had never before seen it growing – I so love being exposed to something new!



I continued weaving in and out of the garden, wanting very much to sneak a few seeds into my pocket, but did not. I did find myself feeling a bit homesick for my little piece of paradise in Florida, and hoping all was well in my slightly neglected garden.



2 Responses to In the Garden

  1. Paul R Amador on December 27, 2016 at 12:13 pm

    Great pics, Jill. While my garden pales in comparison to the one in the photos, I still find it very rewarding to grow food and cathartic to work the dirt, plant things and get them to thrive. I think that gardening should be taught in schools. Courses like woodshop are and have been removed from so many schools. Kids still need to know how to fix things, how to build something and feel the pride of building something with your own hands that will last for years. My mother still has pieces of furniture in her home that I made in High School.

  2. Jill on January 13, 2017 at 2:30 pm

    I could not agree with you more Paul. What a wonderful legacy for your Mother to have the pieces you made! I love working with my hands, as well — very rewarding and I do agree we should be teaching children how to do everything from wood working to gardening.

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