In the Wild!



I had previously been to the North Carolina Museum of Art, which has an excellent collection, is free to the public, and is staffed by volunteers, including the grounds keeping, and thus on a recent stay in the area, I was not sure I would stop again.
However, driving by, I spied these large white objects, which stirred me toward a closer look; and I am so very pleased that I went in search of these giant creatures.
As I approached what turned out to be an art installation, Intrude, by Australian artist, Amanda Parer, I could not help but delight in all of the children playing and interacting with these giant bunny rabbits.
I found myself smiling and wanting a closer look, almost as if I was approaching live rabbits!  I feel certain the joy the rabbits brought was not tempered by having been created instead of birthed, they were delightful.
The 23 foot high rabbits are the very essence of whimsy, and the spectators are encouraged to treat them as if they are real, which meant one, was allowed to touch them – and you know how much I love a hands on experience, so yes I did pet the rabbits and am glad that I did.
They may not be creatures living In The Wild, but I found myself enchanted with this inflatable herd of rabbits.

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