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Leaves, Just Leaves




“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.”

~ Albert Camus ~


I am well aware of how often I feature the dynamic and entirely exhilarating fall foliage, on these pages.




In my defense, I perhaps share with you only one photograph per twenty taken! I suppose what I am saying is that it could be much worse – or maybe you too are madly and deeply in love with these exhilarating colors which never cease to amaze; and miraculously manage to lift ones spirits.




Recently, after a rather harsh wind and rain storm, I sat in a restaurant, with a large picture window, that was wide open; standing directly across from me, was a tree that had all but been stripped of its exuberant crimson and gold leaves, by the unforgiving gusts.  As I sat there staring at the all but empty limbs, contrasting them with the ones still dressed, I thought about the coming winter months, and the bleakness they would bring; but only for a moment, for there was still beauty to withhold and the moment demanded that it be savored.




We need the world to be awash with color, even if ever so briefly for their is hope in the marvel God has created to decorate our world.




Thus, a few of my favorite shots from this fall; I truly hope you will enjoy them, and find as much pleasure and glee in the glory of this changing season, as I do.




A most joyful autumn!




I loved the way the light shone on this group of fallen leaves.


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