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In today’s religious world, spiritual warfare seems like something of the past; political correctness has even reached the hallowed halls of our faith.

My Mother lived in a black and white world, she knew on what side she stood, who stood with her, and who was against her.

I found this letter fascinating. I love how bold my Mother was, including in taking up the fight in front of her.

Friday 24th (1987)


“Hi Jill,

I’ll only write a few lines as its time for the mailman.  I’m so glad that you have an apt. and a job that you like.  And that Kathy has a job too.

A guy hit my car parked in front of the house.  They haven’t sent out an estimator yet.  So I don’t know what to expect until he sees it and I talk to him.  But it’s great.  I have a rental (his insurance) and I’ve had my spiritual eyes opened a bit.

I used to think of demons as those vicious spirits attacking physically but my eyes have been opened to the demonic spirits of poverty in all areas of our lives, which have had such control.

Well I have started fasting (not supposed to announce fasting) but it’s fasting that breaks these bondages.  I pray for you every day.  I’m attacking the satanic bondage that involves each member of our family.

I’m asking you to agree with me, for our family deliverance.

Satan is a liar! A deceiver! And a defeated foe!

I love you very much and miss you!

Love, Mother


I’m praying for Kathy too!”

The Letter

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~ Reverend Stella Lucille Mosqueda ~

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