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I Do Not Know Her Name!


07-30-2016 11;07;35AM


Do you have pictures like this? I met this woman, at the hotel we were staying, well more like a rooming house in Chelsea, where only female guest were permitted.  She was on her way to India, if I recall, having settled a law suit, over a car accident.  I had accompanied Peter and John to England, where their trip had drawn to an end, and after London, I was on my way to Paris, and then Israel.

She gave me her copy of Joanna Russ’ The Female Man, the first science fiction, which I read; having assured me that I would love it, she was of course right.

This picture was taken in 1986, I have saved it, honestly I have to assume, in no small part because it is so iconic, from Big Ben, in the background to the bright red call box, but also because I have very fond memories of my time in London, and because this woman, whose name I do not know, introduced me to feminist literature, which not only changed my life, but saved me. Thank you fellow traveler; though I do not know your name, you impacted my life, in immeasurable ways, thanks for enlightening my view.



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