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My Venture into Sculpting

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I had always wanted to sculpt, and one day, with a few extra dollars in my bag, I was at Aaron Brothers, and bought a small piece of clay and a few tools, just for fun.

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I made this piece for my sister, Joy

Here are a few of the pieces that I created; unfortunately, firing them was out of the question, well out of the budget, and none survived, but it is a form of expression I would like to get back to one day – meanwhile, because I can, I preserve them here.

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This one I made for my sister, Caroline, when she became a bride

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My Caped Lady

07-30-2016 02;33;02PM4 - Copy


I loved this Older Woman, with her Reading Glasses

07-30-2016 02;33;02PM14 - Copy


He did not start out to be Vincent, but when his ear broke . . .

07-30-2016 02;33;02PM7 - Copy


My Dancing Grace

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