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“Very few things happen at the right time, and the rest do not happen at all:  the conscientious historian will correct these defects.”
~ Herodotus ~
(The Father of History)
“A morsel of genuine history is a thing so rare as to be always valuable.” 
~Thomas Jefferson ~
“All history becomes subjective; in other words there is properly no history, only biography.” 
~Ralph Waldo Emerson~

            History should be recorded.  I believe that the act of writing, records history.  Whether it is a grocery list, a marriage license, or a letter, the act of words on paper make a history; but what does this history say?   Were the groceries ever purchased?  Who made out the list?  Was the license executed?  Did the marriage last?  Was the letter mailed?  Was it received?  History does have a way of raising more questions than it answers.

Does history record what happened, what we think happened, or how we remembering it happening?   Great minds are divided on this question, I for one believe that all three things are true, and of value.  One of the wonders of the Internet age is that more history is being captured, and interpreted by more people, with different perspectives, than ever before.

As these pages developed, I soon realized that a history was being recorded; something which has given me great joy.  I have captured a piece of history as I remember it, making note of what I thought most mattered; hoping and trusting that the record is true and accurate, though acknowledging that it is by no means complete.

When we transferred to the new format, we were asked about our history – where were the old articles?  How may the pervious articles, from the old That Is All For Now be accessed?   In this section, you will find the previous articles, posted in descending order.  These are the articles which go hand in hand with the ThatIsAllForNow Family Photo Album.

Below you will find the last article, from the previous site.

A Short Good-by, Toward a Long Hello


You may notice that things look slightly different, on these pages.  In a few short hours, we shall be saying good-by to this blog, and hello to the new web based magazine, ThatIsAllForNow.

Our new site will feature many of the elements of this column which you have enjoyed, and at least one familiar voice.  We shall also be introducing you to a new and growing staff of writers and contributors, each with a unique perspective which I trust you will appreciate.

When this journey first began, I had no idea we would reach the readership that we have, which has been an amazing gift.  However, even more remarkable have been the many new friendships which have been formed through your kind letters and comments, which have permitted me to get to know you, as I have shared my thoughts, feelings, and experiences.

We have taken note of the many suggestions which you have made, and trust that the functionality of the new site will allow you to more freely participate and interact with us all.  Many of the people who have been featured on these pages will now be lending their voice to the new site.

You can still reach us with the same address, and we look forward to seeing you there.  There may be a slight down time, while we transfer our site, but the disruption should be minimal.  I thank you, that is all for now.

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