The Poet’s Corner

Love Passes So Quickly


I know what is, but there is a part of me

                  that shall never believe that I have lost you.

How can you not want to try again?

I would never have believed

          you would deny me anything you could grant me.

I listen for a sign of tenderness in your voice,

          I can’t help but let hope linger, but the sign never comes.

You look at me as if we had never been.

You are distant and cold

         and I am powerless to change your disdain.

How do lovers become strangers?

At nightfall, memories of what was assault me,

          and dreams of what we hoped for taunt me.

How can it be that you no longer remember

         pressing your lips next to mine, or sliding your hands

                 over my hips, or laying your head upon my breast?

I can’t escape your smell, taste or touch.

         Why did you enter me, if you were not going to stay?

How have you forgotten it all?

         How has love, for you, so quickly passed?

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