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So I should perhaps be a bit embarrassed, that it was a movie that made me seek out an exhibit, of what was once two proud lions, which are now stuffed and housed in a glass case, at the Field Museum, only a fraction of the size that they once were, but it was.

At the end of the film The Ghost and the Darkness, a movie about construction on the Tsavo River, in 1898, which was interrupted by a killing spree, conducted by these two lions, we are told that if we would like to see the lions, which some say killed well over one hundred people, they may now be visited in Chicago.

I do not know why that piece of information stayed with me, and it took several trips to Chicago, before the opportunity presented itself, but I did make it to the Field Museum, a place I would highly recommend to anyone with children, and I did find what is now left of the lions. I would be lying if I did not say that it was a bit anticlimactic, but nevertheless, I am glad I ventured out on my safari – if you will.

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