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To Aunt Gen

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This week, I received our first Christmas card; it was from Susan and Andy. As I read the card, it reminded me of the first Christmas card, which Kate and I received, it was from her Aunt Genevieve, great-aunt Gen.  Until her death, yearly she would be our first card, always with a beautiful message, and filled with love.  After she passed away, her husband, Uncle Ray, continued to send cards, and then his son, Rayme, who now also gone.

Yearly, at Christmas time, Aunt Gen would hang, in her home, every card which Uncle Ray had ever given her, reminding all of the life they had lived. This year, I decided to take a page out of Aunt Gen’s playbook, and string together Christmas cards from the last 28 years, while Kate was away, on yet another business trip.

I have tried my hand at recording, on my telephone, and offer the four short video’s, of her reaction, which was quite similar to mine, as I gingerly hung each card, stopping to read the messages, reflect on the people in our life, both past and present, and be filled with the true spirit of Christmas. I hope you will enjoy it, some of you may see a familiar card or two – thanks, by the way.


Part 1

Part 2


Part 3


Part 4




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