Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité


“To Hold a Pen is to be at War”

~ Voltaire ~

For the first time, since 1944, there is a curfew in Pairs, France.  Attacks at least six locations have been confirmed, as have the deaths of 158, with hundreds more injured.  With word that terrorist are still on the loose.  Our prayers are with all citizens of France tonight.

We stand with Francois Hollande and the people of France, as he proclaims that there will be “no pity” toward the evil people who have perpetrated these malicious attacks, shedding innocent blood, to feed their dark desire to destroy liberty, equality and fraternity.

If there was ever an hour for Action, it is now!  We must not only show our solidarity with France; but we must let our current leaders and those who hope to assume power, that it is time to put an end to the insanity being perpetrated by mad-men in the name of God – enough.


Post Card Credit: Centenaire De La Statue De La Liberté 1886-1986, Dessin: A. Eskenazy

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