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A Portrait and a Moment With Its Subject


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You know those moments when you unexpectedly find yourself experiencing something rather marvelous, and you want very much to have someone next to you, to nudge a bit, and share your wow?

Well last year, while in Tallahassee, touring Florida’s Historical Capital Museum, I walked into the exhibit of the portraits of Florida’s Governors, and had such a moment; but unfortunately, there was no one next to me to nudge. Not in my wildest dreams, did I ever imagine I would one day be able to share my wow moment with the source of my glee; nor did I believe that initial experience could be so much further enriched.

In strolling through the portrait gallery, I had of course stopped on Governor Jeb Bush’s official portrait. As I stood there, looking at the painting, I noticed that he had cleverly managed to fit his family into the portrait.  I was awed.  What a terribly sweet thing to do, I thought.  I looked around, at the other Governor’s portraits and indeed Governor Bush was the only one who had included his family.  I went back to the painting, and then noticed his Bible; and honestly, must say that for a few seconds, I suddenly felt a bit proud of myself, for having voted for him, his brother, and father. I glanced around the room, for someone to come admire the painting with me; but I stood alone in the gallery.

I loved that the Governor had chosen to acknowledge his family, who I am sure have played no small role in the man he is today; as well as God, whose influence is evident by the Governor’s love of his family and I must say by the integrity with which he governed.

Later, in attempting to retell my day, I tried to capture what this fine display of character had meant to me, but oddly, words failed me.

Recently, I was able to listen to Governor Jeb Bush speak, in Laconia, New Hampshire. I did not have a pressing question for the Governor, but I wanted to let him know how incredibly impressed I was with his official portrait; and thus brazenly approached him.

I felt a bit scattered, as I spoke with him. He signed a yard sign, which I do not remember happening, as I was bit star struck.  But the most remarkable thing, about my encounter, was not only that I was able to meet this fine man, but he actually listened to my discombobulated tale of admiration, and then asked me if I noticed his Blackberry?  I had not.  He said there were three things he wanted in his official portrait, his family, his Bible, and his Blackberry.

It was quite a moment, and I was glad Kate was standing near-by, to witness my wow.

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