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The President Clinton Library was much maligned, before opening, because of its architecture. It was said, by critics, that it looked like a double-wide house-trailer, on the river.  The design is very utilitarian.  The three story structure is easy to navigate and includes full-scale replicates of both the Oval Office and the Cabinet Room.

I would have liked to see more personal memorabilia, as the museum feels like it primarily focuses and photographs and text, informative, but not as intimate, as I enjoy. I highly recommend that you spend a few minutes watching the introductory film, in the Orientation Theater.  In fact, I would recommend always watching those introductory films, when visiting national parks, historical homes, and libraries – even a poorly produced film will enlighten your visit.

The Clinton Museum Store was intentionally put off site, to encourage visitors to the Library, to stroll down the street, a bit, and perhaps walk into another shop or two, on their way. I was most impressed with the store manager, who engaged us, and not only offered a lunch suggestion, at our request, but gave us the mementoes below.

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In August 2008, I touched upon our visit to the President Clinton Library, in Little Rock, Arkansas:   At the time, Kate was still a Democrat.


“Kate is a Roosevelt Democrat. Her grandmother, Tessie, made Kate into a Democrat with stories of how President F. D. Roosevelt saved America.  Kate is a strong pro-choice supporter and favors gay marriage, while being an adamant supporter of Israel and our military.  As frustrated as she has been with her party, over the years, an experience shared by Republicans, as well, it is only now that I have heard her say that the betrayal is too deep.

Not long ago, we visited the Clinton Presidential Library, in Little Rock Arkansas. I must say, that as we approached the library, Kate commented how excited she was to finally be going to visit a Democratic Library – I was quick to point out that our list of Presidential Libraries, a hobby of sorts, included F. D. Roosevelt, Jimmy Carter, John Kennedy, Harry S. Truman, and L. B. Johnson – oh yes, but they did not quite count like the Clintons.

Kate loves Hillary Clinton, and likes Bill. Our visit to their library was insightful, and I must add that their bookstore was the most egalitarian of any that I have seen – including offerings of the Kennedy’s, which as I commented to the store’s manager, I would have pulled from the shelves.

We in fact had a lovely visit in Little Rock, including meeting various people who all commented: You know Bill, right?  Oh you would love him!  People who voted for him and worked for him and people who told us they had never cast a single vote his way, but still admired him and all that he was still doing for Arkansas.

(Also, we ate the best ribs I have ever had – I have to recommend Whole Hog Café, at 5107 Warden Road, North Little Rock, AR 72116 501-753-9227. The ribs were hand rubbed and smoked to perfection, the sweet tea delicious, with unlimited refills, and ample lemon wedges and fresh mint, and was recommended, by the man who took my order, the best potato salad I have ever had – and I am not a huge fan of potato salad.  If you are passing through, you must stop.)”


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At the time, I stated that the highlight of the visit, was watching Kate enjoying the Library, I think that is still true. There is something rather wonderful about visiting historical sites which are associated with people you admire; this was a stop worth making.

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