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Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library & Museum

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We were on a historical sites roll, thus I decided to take a detour to Springfield, Illinois, and visit the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library & Museum, though I was not quite sure it should be grouped with say President Richard Nixon’s or President Lyndon Johnson’s Presidential Library’s.

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Unlike the thirteen Federal Presidential Libraries and Museums which are run by the National Archives and Records Admiration, the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library & Museum is partially funded by the state of Illinois and was of course, created without President Lincoln’s input, in 2005.

Photography inside one of the most visited presidential sites is extremely limited, thus I will be sharing with you very well taken picture post cards!


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This is a highly child friendly museum, as so many of the displays are artistically staged, full scale, and very 21st Century tech friendly. You are able to see such historically significant things as the Emancipation Proclamation and the Gettysburg address; as well as much more personal items that belong to him and his family, including clothing and dishes.


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In addition to the museum, while in Springfield we were able to tour the Lincoln Home National Historic Site, this is the home where the President lived for seventeen years, his longest residency.


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A peek inside the kitchen


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I love this portrait of the President, so much so I purchased it as a magnet


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