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Driving to the Cape

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Mostly, we drive to Cape Cod to take visitors to see Plymouth Rock, but on an overly grey day, we drove to the Cape just for the sake of the drive; stopping along the way.

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First stop, the oldest windmill on the Cape, Eastham, which was built in Plymouth in 1680, by Thomas Paine; it was moved several times, finally landing here in 1808.


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Since 1952, Nauset Lighthouse has been without a keeper, it too has been moved repeatedly, the last time in 1996, due to the approximately three feet of land lost yearly, to erosion.

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“The three beacons in Eastham differentiated them from the single light in Truro and the two lights in Chatham. The towers shown here, erected in 1892, were known as ‘Three Sisters.’ They now stand 1/3 mile away off Cable Road.”

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Kate feeling the chill

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Merry and Me


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We had to pull over for this!

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