A View from the Road

He is Waiting for You?


I saw this well dressed man, sitting, at a park, near a beach in mid-Florida, without the slightest ounce of pretense.  He did not have an animal he was walking or waiting on, there was no newspaper or book or even a journal, to make him looke otherwise engaged, and most assuredly was not gripping an electronic device; instead he was simply enjoying the View from the Road, staring out toward the ocean.

You can see the dashboard, from my car, in the forefront of the photograph, I simply observed him from afar; but he lingered with me, and I wish I had been a bit bolder and approached him.  I would like to say I did not want to disturbe him from his state of what I perceived as serenity and the pleasure of peace, but the truth is I simply lacked the courage to interrupt his view.

Nevertheless, I was left wondering what brought him to that spot, on that morning; and hoped it was joy and not grief.



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